Young people aged between 18 and 24 from the regions of Dar es Salaam, Dodoma, and Kigoma, both in school and those who dropped out for various reasons, will receive economic empowerment opportunities.

This initiative, aimed at enhancing economic inclusion, particularly for marginalized groups, is spearheaded by the CRDB Bank Foundation following the signing of an $800 million contract in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

Discussing this development, the CEO of CRDB Bank Foundation, Tully Mwambapa, emphasized the alignment of goals between the two organizations in empowering young people to actively engage in economic activities as the rationale behind this decision.

“We have dedicated significant efforts to establish programs that enable young people and women to be included in the formal financial services system, providing them with training and enabling capital through our Imbeju program. This partnership will strengthen these efforts and reach more young people,” stated Tully.

He elaborated that the collaboration targets young people in school, school dropouts, persons with disabilities, and girls who became pregnant while in school. In its implementation, the focus is on reducing challenges related to unemployment, providing financial education, and health education to reduce teenage pregnancies, gender-based violence, and new HIV infections.

“Our collaboration encompasses two areas: first, providing self-awareness education and knowledge to both in-school and out-of-school youth, including training on friendly health services, gender-based violence, how to prevent and live with HIV/AIDS infections,” said Tully.

“The second area is providing financial education and entrepreneurship training for young people, enabling them to fulfill their roles effectively,” Tully explained.

Mark Schreiner, the Resident Representative of UNFPA in Tanzania, emphasized the organization’s commitment to uplifting marginalized communities to foster inclusive economies.

“Considering the challenges facing young people in the country, including access to capital, unemployment, and entrepreneurship education, we have every reason to collaborate with strategic partners to help empower young people in the country to participate in building their nation’s economy,” expressed Schreiner.

He further explained that the institution is implementing its ninth program in the country, promoting safe reproduction by acknowledging and accepting every pregnancy, while also empowering every young person to fulfill their life’s dreams.

“Our goal is to ensure no one is left behind, so we collaborate with like-minded partners such as the CRDB Bank Foundation,” concluded Schreiner.