Some mourners arrived at the home of Mr. Simon Macha in the Sawaya Street area, Moshi Municipality, where reports of his death caused confusion, as initial reports claimed he had passed away, prompting people to gather for mourning, only for subsequent reports to suggest he was still alive.

This morning, mourners gathered at the home were informed that Mr. Macha had not passed away as previously claimed yesterday.

It’s a perplexing incident. This follows reports regarding an elderly man known as Simon Macha, who was alleged to have died yesterday while admitted at KCMC Hospital, only for it to later emerge that he was still alive and in the mortuary.

After these reports circulated and some family members received them, they decided to set up a mourning area at his home in the Sawaya Street, Majengo Ward, in the Moshi Municipality.

However, this morning, mourners who had gathered at his home were informed that Mr. Macha had not passed away as reported yesterday.

Speaking about the incident on Tuesday, May 28, 2024, a witness who was present at the mourning said: “We received news of Mr. Macha’s death yesterday afternoon from relatives, so we set up tents here, and mourning began. However, this morning we received information that Mr. Tesha had not died; he is alive but admitted to the ICU.”

He said that after receiving this information, mourners who had gathered at the home were surprised, and it was necessary for them to leave, and the tents that had been set up were dismantled.

However, second reports emerged that he had indeed passed away. The witness said that they were informed about Mr. Macha’s actual passing by relatives who had gone to the hospital to see him this afternoon and found that he had indeed died.

“The second report of Mr. Macha’s death was given to us by the relatives who went to KCMC to see him, and they found that he had indeed passed away. We were left surprised, and now we are continuing with the mourning,” said the witness.

One family member, who preferred not to be named as the family had not yet appointed a spokesperson, said that what happened was just a mix-up of information.

“There has been a lot of talk. However, as a family, we have no complaints against the hospital, and we do not blame anyone,” they said briefly.

When contacted, the management of KCMC Hospital to comment on the incident, the Public Relations Officer, Gabriel Chisseo, said that what happened was a mix-up of information for the relatives, and that when the patient was brought to the hospital, his brain had already died.

“This patient was brought to us with a dead brain. Technically, even if the brain dies, the heart can still beat, and you can even live with that person for up to 10 years; he becomes semi-dead.”

“In other words, when the brain stops functioning, only God remains the judge. Medical experts reach a point where they are no longer able to revive the brain, so he came with a dead brain,” he said.

Regarding the patient being taken to the mortuary while still alive, Chisseo said it wasn’t true.

“He wasn’t taken to the mortuary as the rumors suggested. Even his wife wasn’t present in the ward, and after discovering that the patient’s brain had stopped working, he was immediately taken to the ICU, not to the morgue,” he said.

He said even the deceased’s relatives were informed about the brain’s condition.

“To remove the ventilator, two specialists have to meet and sign off, and the relatives also have to sign off. They are then informed that the machine will be switched off, but yesterday when this process was supposed to happen, the relatives were not present, so it didn’t take place,” Chisseo said.

“This morning, confusion arose within the family that we had said the patient was fine, which is not true, as this is a very professional matter in the hospital,” he said.

However, he said the confusion in communication between family members was what led to these developments.

“I can say that the communication between the medical standpoint and how the community received that information led to these issues,” he said, adding: “It’s not that the patient was taken to the mortuary and then returned. For a body to go to the morgue, it must first be confirmed by a doctor that they have indeed passed away; they are not taken there randomly,” he said.