Traders in Homa Bay are facing significant disruptions in their markets as un-restrained domestic animals, including cattle, goats, sheep, and donkeys, roam freely, causing damage to produce and posing hygiene concerns. The situation has led to injuries among traders, buyers, and motorists, prompting a petition from market officials to the Homa Bay department of Trade and municipal boards.

Jack Nyambega, Chairman of the Homa Bay Giant Traders Association, expressed frustration, stating that despite pleas to the county government, the number of roaming animals has increased. Traders have given the county government a one-week ultimatum to address the issue, threatening to suspend tax payments if the problem persists. The traders demand the immediate removal of cows, sheep, goats, and donkeys from markets.

Nyambega highlighted concerns about sanitation, as animals feed on garbage and interfere with fresh produce. Traders, facing physical injuries and loss of customers, are considering legal action against the county government for negligence and damages caused by the roaming animals.

Market officials have resorted to using canes to keep animals away from stalls, emphasizing the urgency for county enforcement officers to control the situation. The uncontrolled animals have also contributed to road accidents as they wander onto the streets, causing injuries to pedestrians and motorists.

Homa Bay subcounty Public Health officer Henry Ojwang’ stated plans to impound animals found on the streets and emphasized the issuance of a directive for cattle owners to restrain their animals from entering markets. Stern action is expected against individuals whose animals continue to roam freely in Homa Bay.

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