The Kenya Industrial Estate (KIE) recently convened a meeting with traders in Bomet township, providing them with essential training on business development and access to financing to address the challenges they face in their enterprises.

The meeting, which attracted small and medium enterprises (SMEs), aimed to equip business owners with the necessary skills and resources to initiate, expand, and secure funding for their ventures. KIE offered medium and long-term development finance options, coupled with training sessions designed to foster the gradual growth of businesses and enhance the county’s economy.

Lily Ng’ok, Chairperson of KIE, emphasized the pivotal role of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) as drivers of socio-economic transformation in developing nations. She underscored the significance of supporting SMEs, citing their importance in Kenya’s Vision 2030 blueprint, which identifies the growth of the small manufacturing sector, including the Juakali industry and small business enterprises, as key drivers of economic progress.

Ng’ok elaborated on KIE’s commitment to assisting business owners, emphasizing the availability of financial support for business expansion, along with educational resources on business management and sensitization on entrepreneurial matters.

In addition, Ng’ok encouraged youth in the county to explore entrepreneurship opportunities, particularly within the Juakali industry, as a means of combating social vices such as drug abuse and robbery. She highlighted the potential of entrepreneurship to engage youth productively and steer them away from criminal activities, promoting a positive impact on both individuals and the community.

The initiative by KIE reflects a concerted effort to empower local entrepreneurs and stimulate economic growth in Bomet County. By providing training and financial assistance, KIE aims to create a conducive environment for business development and contribute to the prosperity of the region.

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