Businessman and politician Edward Onyanyo, popularly known as Bob CEO, organized a free medical camp in Kibuye Market, Kisumu, benefiting over 500 traders and residents. The medical camp, conducted in collaboration with Maisha Meds and Tazama Glasses, provided various services, including free malaria tests with medication for those found sick. Additionally, traders with eye problems had the opportunity to buy reading glasses for as low as Sh150.

Onyanyo expressed gratitude for the large turnout and urged traders to undergo regular checkups to detect and treat health issues early. Maisha Meds’ Judie Jowi mentioned that the camp aimed to reach traders who rarely have time for health checkups, and their initial target of 500 people was surpassed by noon. The organizers plan to conduct medical camps in various parts of Kisumu on a weekly basis to reach more people, especially those who cannot afford medical tests.

Beneficiaries of the medical camp praised the initiative, emphasizing the convenience of receiving health services within the market. The event was particularly beneficial for traders who often find it challenging to leave the market for such checkups. The free medical camp addressed issues like eye problems and malaria, providing essential services to the local community.

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