Kenya and Uganda are poised to inaugurate a significant initiative aimed at streamlining cross-border trade between the two neighboring countries. The project, known as a one-stop border post, is set to be established at the Suam border point in Trans Nzoia, along the Kenya-Uganda border.

President William Ruto announced the forthcoming launch during the official opening of the 3rd sitting of the 3rd session of the 5th East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) on Tuesday. He revealed that the inauguration ceremony would be attended by both Kenyan and Ugandan leaders.

Funded by the African Finance Development Bank and supported by the China State Engineering Construction Corporation, the Suam border post will serve as a centralized facility for immigration, customs, security, and sanitary inspections. This consolidation aims to enhance efficiency in transporting and clearing goods across the border.

One of the key components of the project includes the upgrade of the Suam-Bukwo-Kapchorwa road, which is expected to modernize the Suam crossing and stimulate the local economy. Additionally, the new border post is anticipated to alleviate congestion at the primary border facilities of Busia and Malaba.

President Ruto, addressing the EALA sitting, credited the success of the project to the policies and legislation promoted by EALA, which have addressed various barriers hindering regional integration. He highlighted the assembly’s role in creating legislative frameworks for a common external tariff, uniform customs rules and procedures, and common rules of origin.

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