The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) has taken action against gospel singer William Getumbe for his song ‘Yesu Ninyandue’, accusing him of promoting harmful audio-visual content. Despite directives to remove the song from online platforms by February 29th, Getumbe failed to comply, leading to sanctions imposed by the KFCB.

Boniventure Kioko, the KFCB North Rift Regional Manager, stated in an interview with the Kenya News Agency that Getumbe’s song had stirred controversy for its alleged blasphemy and dissemination of harmful content. The song, ‘Yesu Ninyandue’, has garnered sharp criticism from the public and is said to contravene laws governing the film industry.

The KFCB highlighted another song by Getumbe titled ‘Niko Uchi’, which it deemed to contain nudity, vulgarity, and ridicule of the Christian religion, along with promoting violent dancing styles and behavior deemed imitable. Despite receiving a demand letter to comply within seven days, Getumbe showed no willingness to adhere to the directives, leading to his arrest by the Eldoret regional office.

William Getumbe was apprehended for uploading what the KFCB termed “morally erosive and blasphemous” audio-visual content. He is currently being processed at Kapsoya police station for arraignment. Kioko emphasized the board’s commitment to monitoring and flagging inappropriate audio-visual content, urging the public to report such cases for appropriate action.

In response to his arrest, Getumbe argued that it was unfair, citing a pending court petition filed through his lawyer Mark Chirchir in response to the KFCB’s demand order. He asserted that the arrest should not have been carried out until the court had heard and determined his case.

Actions Taken by KFCB Against William Getumbe
– Sanctions imposed on gospel singer
– Failure to comply with removal directives
– Alleged promotion of harmful content
– Arrest by Eldoret regional office
– Processing for arraignment at Kapsoya police station

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