Around 100 farmer groups in Baringo County, involved in milk, meat, and honey value chains, have received significant support totaling Sh20 million from the Agriculture Sector Development Programme (ASDSP). Governor Benjamin Cheboi oversaw the distribution of assorted agricultural innovation equipment to these groups, representing all 30 wards in the county, during a ceremony held in Kabarnet town.

The distributed items include essential tools such as beehives, sewing machines for honey harvesting gear, milk and meat fridge-freezers, motorbikes for extension services, wood cutting machines, and pasture seeds, among others. Governor Cheboi emphasized that these tools aim to enhance productivity within the priority value chains, ultimately contributing to the economic growth and sustainability of the agricultural sector in Baringo County.

Acknowledging that farmers constitute approximately 58 percent of the county’s population, Governor Cheboi underscored the importance of empowering them to transform the agricultural landscape. By investing in modern agricultural practices and extension services, the administration aims to revolutionize traditional livestock keeping methods, ensuring improved quality and quantity of agricultural produce.

Encouraging farmers to adopt innovative agricultural techniques, Governor Cheboi emphasized the potential for high yields and profitability in their ventures. He highlighted the importance of embracing modern practices to maximize productivity and capitalize on market opportunities.

Accompanied by county commissioner Stephen Kutwa and deputy governor Eng Felix Kimaiyo, Governor Cheboi called on farmers to protect the integrity of their products by patenting them. This measure aims to prevent adulteration and maintain the value of locally produced goods, safeguarding farmers’ interests.

Deputy Governor Eng Kimaiyo emphasized the pivotal role of extension officers in providing training and disseminating best farming practices to farmers. These officers serve as vital conduits of information, collecting data from the fields to inform planning and policy decisions aimed at enhancing farmers’ welfare.

County Commissioner Kutwa commended the agriculture department’s initiative to distribute equipment to farmer groups, emphasizing its direct impact on grassroots farmers. He also urged more farmers to register in groups to access transformative programs, such as government-subsidized fertilizers, aimed at improving their livelihoods.

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