Bulk Stream Limited, in partnership with the Jaffery Foundation, has embarked on a nationwide distribution of food packs, aiming to support 40,000 needy families during the holy month of Ramadan. This initiative supplements the government’s endeavors, led by Principal Secretary for ASALs and Regional Development Kello Harsama, who recently distributed foodstuffs worth Sh124.5 million to needy Muslim families across various regions in Kenya.

The food packs, comprising staple items such as wheat, maize flour, rice, beans, sugar, porridge, salt, tea leaves, dates, and cooking oil, will provide a month’s worth of nutritious sustenance to the recipients. The distribution will encompass all coastal counties, including the drought and flood-affected Tana River region, which continues to grapple with the aftermath of natural disasters.

The donation comes as a relief to thousands of vulnerable families amidst challenging economic circumstances exacerbated by various external factors, leading to a surge in the prices of basic commodities.

Solomon Ondego, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bulk Stream Limited in Mombasa, expressed hope that this gesture would significantly alleviate the hardships faced by many Kenyan families. He called upon other organizations and individuals to extend their support to vulnerable communities, particularly during the sacred month of Ramadan, emphasizing the collective responsibility in effecting positive change.

Yusuf Jiwa from the Jaffery Foundation underscored the significance of the annual food donation event, highlighting its role in easing the financial burden on economically disadvantaged families and promoting kindness and generosity within society. He emphasized that the distribution program not only provides essential sustenance but also instills hope and relief during a period of reflection and gratitude.

Jiwa urged other organizations to embrace the spirit of giving and serve humanity selflessly, aligning with the values of Ramadan. Through such initiatives, he emphasized, donors fulfill moral duties while fostering love, compassion, and unity within communities.

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