The Gem Educational Empowerment Program, a community-based organization (CBO) under the patronage of Kisumu City Manager Abala Wanga, has sponsored 168 students in Gem, Siaya County, ensuring access to education for those in need. Among the beneficiaries is a 19-year-old girl, Saviour Auma, who, despite dropping out of school at Form 3 due to childbirth, has now been given the opportunity to resume her studies.

The CBO, through a recent cheque distribution event at Wagai Resource Centre, provided financial support to these students, aiming to uplift the socio-economic and educational status of vulnerable members of the community. The fees for Saviour Auma and others were covered by the organization, enabling them to pursue their education and contribute positively to society.

Robinson Onyango, another student who scored 390 marks but lacked the means to join Kanga School in Migori County, also benefited from the educational support provided by the Gem Educational Empowerment Program. Additionally, Emmanuel Adera, who scored an impressive 397 marks in the 2023 KCPE exams, is set to join Maseno School with the hope of becoming a medical doctor in the future.

The organization, which received financial assistance through a fundraiser presided over by prominent figures like Wiper Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka and Ida Odinga, disbursed funds to support various students in pursuing education. Kisumu City Manager Abala Wanga, who is also the patron of the program, emphasized the importance of uplifting bright but needy students in the community.

Key Developments and Initiatives Details
Sponsorship for Needy Students Gem Educational Empowerment Program sponsors 168 students, ensuring access to education for those facing financial challenges.
Inclusive Support for Teenage Mother Saviour Auma, a 19-year-old who dropped out of school due to childbirth, receives support to resume her studies through the CBO.
Financial Assistance for Robinson Onyango Robinson Onyango, with a score of 390 marks, has his fees paid to join Kanga School in Migori County.
Educational Dreams of Emmanuel Adera Emmanuel Adera, scoring 397 marks, aims to become a medical doctor and will join Maseno School with the support of the CBO.
Fundraising Event and Disbursement The organization benefited from a fundraiser, with Sh900,000 disbursed to support students in pursuing education and career goals.

Abala Wanga, looking ahead, emphasized the organization’s commitment to offering bursaries to needy students, scholarships for orphans and needy students in secondary schools, and supporting vulnerable families through the provision of farm inputs. The CBO seeks to address various community challenges, including health-related issues like HIV/AIDS, epilepsy, sickle cell, and other chronic illnesses through preventive measures, treatment, and vaccinations.

Wanga, while acknowledging the existing gaps in bursaries and scholarships, highlighted the need for a model that would enable financing education for bright but needy students in Gem. He expressed his determination to revitalize Gem’s academic excellence and urged community members to support initiatives that empower the youth.

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