The Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife, led by Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua, has revealed plans to allocate funds from the Tourism Fund for significant investments in the tourism sector. The announcement was made during a public participation event in Malindi, where stakeholders from Kilifi county discussed strategies for tourism recovery.

Key initiatives identified during the meeting include the purchase of beach cleaning trucks and vehicles for tourist police to enhance the appeal for tourists. The Tourism Fund will be instrumental in financing these projects aimed at revitalizing the tourism industry.

Among the priorities highlighted by stakeholders are the expansion of Malindi International Airport, infrastructure development, improved security measures, beach cleaning, and the implementation of an effective lighting system. The outcomes of the meeting will be incorporated into a comprehensive report, leading to the allocation of funds for the identified projects.

CS Alfred Mutua disclosed plans for building a second port in Takaungu, Kilifi county, to attract cruise ships, complementing the government’s master plan for tourism promotion. The ministry intends to explore new tourism circuits across all 47 counties for marketing purposes, with a particular focus on aggressive strategies targeting Africa’s vast potential.

Mutua emphasized the need to develop Mqamburui dunes as a tourist attraction, drawing parallels with destinations like Dubai. Stakeholders raised environmental concerns, highlighting the inadequate management of waste as an issue impacting the industry.

Various participants urged the government to consider the construction of an international airport in Malindi, emphasizing the importance of infrastructure in planning for the future. The discussions also touched on the Kenya Riviera Kilifi project, aimed at positioning Kilifi as a unique and attractive destination.

The tourism executive from Kilifi County, Clara Chonga, voiced support for stakeholders’ requests for a second port in Malindi, suggesting it would enhance the docking capacity for cruise ships. The county is actively engaged in mapping new tourism circuits to promote its distinct offerings.

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