Governor Kawira Mwangaza staunchly declared her intent to pursue legal action against those who had implicated her in the murder of Daniel Muthiani Bernard, also known as Sniper in a press address at the Meru Governor’s residence on Friday, January 19, 2023.

Governor Mwangaza had chosen to remain silent as a group of individuals consistently tarnished her reputation, awaiting the conclusion of the investigation by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI). Speaking at her residence, she revealed that the DCI had completed its probe, charging two individuals without any interference from her side.

“We decided to keep quiet as a family and let the investigators do their work. The DCI has now concluded the investigation, and has charged two people and we did not interfere. Now it is our time to play the ball to respond and say what we know,” she stated.

Key Points Details
Governor’s Decision to Speak Out Governor Mwangaza broke her silence, emphasizing that she had been patient while awaiting the DCI’s investigation to conclude. Now that the probe has ended, she asserted her readiness to confront those who had maligned her publicly.
Legal Action Announcement Governor Mwangaza vowed to take legal action to clear her name and seek damages against those who had falsely linked her to the murder. She affirmed her stance, stating that she would not accept such accusations and was prepared for a legal battle.
Political Motivations Allegations Mwangaza asserted that the arrest and arraignment of her brother were politically motivated, aimed at connecting her to the murder. She categorically denied any involvement of her family in the alleged crime and challenged the politicization of the ongoing inquest.
Call for Transparency in Investigations The Governor urged the DCI to make public the findings of the search conducted in her residence, emphasizing her constitutional right to transparency. She questioned the delay in revealing the results and demanded updates on the details obtained from her and her family’s phones.
Accusations against the DCI and Political Opponents Mwangaza accused the DCI of succumbing to “political pressure” and criticized the investigation as being fraught with politics and witch hunts. She claimed that certain political opponents, who were allegedly connected to the deceased, had not been questioned adequately by the DCI.
Defiance and Political Challenges The Governor defiantly challenged her political rivals, claiming they had not accepted their defeat in the 2022 elections. She suggested that her opponents targeted her, her First Gentleman, and her sister, Miriam, indicating a continuing political rivalry into the future.

Governor Mwangaza, accompanied by Meru First Gentleman Murega Baichu, asserted her right to justice both as a mother and a leader. She called for a fair and public inquest to protect the integrity of her office and expressed her determination to face her accusers in court.

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