The Embu County Government has issued a stern warning to the public regarding fraudulent job offers circulating within the region. The County Public Service Board issued a media alert, cautioning individuals against falling victim to scammers who falsely promise employment opportunities within the devolved unit.

In the alert, the County Public Service Board highlighted the existence of fraudsters peddling fake appointment and promotion opportunities in exchange for monetary payments. They urged both Embu County employees and the general public to remain vigilant and avoid being deceived by these deceptive schemes.

The statement emphasized that legitimate job vacancies within the county are advertised through approved government channels, and applicants are never required to pay money for job opportunities. Any offers that demand payment for securing a job position should be treated with suspicion and disregarded.

Assuring the public of their commitment to addressing the issue, the County Public Service Board announced that investigations into the alleged scam have commenced. They urged anyone who encounters such dubious offers to report them promptly to the Board or the nearest Director of Criminal Investigation’s office.

This proactive measure by the Embu County Government serves to protect the public from falling prey to fraudulent activities and reinforces the importance of vigilance when seeking employment opportunities.

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