The Kuku Group Ranch, situated in the Central Division of Loitoktok Sub-county, Kajiado County has commenced a land subdivision process spanning across 18,996 hectares. Spearheaded by Solomon Kahenja, the Chairman of Kuku Group Ranch, this initiative aims to ensure fairness and equal distribution of land among all members, regardless of their social or economic status.

Chairman Kahenja emphasized the importance of the ongoing register verification process, where members from various villages validate their names based on an established register dating back several years. This meticulous procedure involves boundary verification, confirmation of member numbers, and subsequent initiation of the subdivision process.

The Chairman stressed the necessity of this process to prevent incidents akin to those witnessed in Rombo, where imposters wreaked havoc on the property of legitimate ranch members. He reiterated the commitment to justice and equitable distribution, irrespective of the social standing of the members.

Furthermore, Kahenja disclosed the intention to transition the group ranch into private land ownership to create a more secure and regulated environment for all members.

Area Chief Joseph Mpatai commended the initiative, noting that the land subdivision process would address issues such as unregistered members and duplicate entries. He emphasized the importance of capturing unregistered individuals during the comprehensive verification exercise.

Peter Memusi, the Group Ranch Treasurer, outlined the eligibility criteria for land allocation, stipulating that individuals must be registered members of the Ranch. With over 6,000 registered members, the land subdivision process is poised to bring transparency and fairness to the allocation process.

The Kuku Group Ranch comprises two distinct areas: Kuku ‘A’, serving as a conservation and grazing zone around Chyulu Hills, where settlement is prohibited, and Kuku ‘B’, designated for settlement and grazing, featuring an animal corridor connecting Amboseli to Tsavo.

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