Busia Governor Dr. Paul Nyongesa Otuoma has initiated subsidized tractor services aimed at assisting residents in plowing their farms ahead of the upcoming long rainy season, with a focus on enhancing food security across the county.

Under this initiative, Governor Otuoma aims to plow over 20,000 acres of land for the approximately 150,000 registered farmers across 35 wards. The service is offered at a subsidized fee of Sh2500, payable through an official county Pay Bill account.

Speaking to the press at Malaba Stadium after attending a volleyball tournament finals, Governor Otuoma emphasized the importance of promoting agriculture to address food insecurity in Busia County. He expressed concern over the reliance on imported cereals from neighboring Uganda, highlighting the need for local production to meet the county’s food needs.

The unveiling of new tractors at Butula Youth Polytechnic in Butula Constituency signifies a significant step towards promoting agriculture and addressing food insecurity in Busia County. Governor Otuoma emphasized the importance of mechanized farming, agricultural extension services, and subsidized inputs in achieving the goals of the Ward-Based Economic Revitalization program.

Acknowledging agriculture as the primary source of livelihood for about 42% of Busia County residents, Governor Otuoma emphasized the potential of this initiative to alleviate poverty and enhance economic empowerment among the people of Busia.

Furthermore, Governor Otuoma highlighted the role of mechanization in supporting the County’s Industrial Park at Nasewa, enabling farmers to supply produce locally and contribute to the county’s economy.

As the planting season commences, farmers in Busia County have raised concerns about the high cost of seeds, which has led to the use of uncertified seeds smuggled from neighboring Uganda. Residents are calling on the government to intervene and provide affordable seeds to cushion farmers from exploitation by brokers.

Deputy County Commissioner Pamela Otieno urged farmers to embrace mechanized agriculture and assured them of the government’s commitment to ensuring the safety of the tractors. Chief Officer for Agriculture Timothy Odende encouraged farmers to register in their respective wards and form groups to access the subsidized tractor services efficiently.

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