The Kenya Rural Roads Authority (Kerra) has launched a Sh63 million project to rehabilitate 11 roads in Kasipul constituency, which were severely damaged by the El Niño rains four months ago. The sorry state of the roads had made it challenging for residents to transport their farm produce to the market, resulting in substantial losses for farmers who heavily rely on crop farming for their livelihoods.

Kasipul MP Ong’ondo Were, alongside Kerra officer Vincent Chweya, inaugurated the improvement initiative by flagging off the construction of the Dol Kodera–Mosocho road. Other roads slated for improvement include Dol Kodera–Karogo, Dol Kodera–Onyege, Sikri-Lida, Nyang’iela–Awach, Kotieno–Nyang’iela, and Mirondo–Kawere.

Farmers like Ulda Kiche and George Magak expressed relief, stating that the roads’ improvement is crucial for transporting perishable goods like tomatoes and vegetables to the market. The MP emphasized that the road rehabilitation, involving murraming, aims to make the roads motorable, addressing concerns about the economic development of the region.

Ong’ondo Were emphasized collaboration with Kerra to ensure the community benefits from good roads for their daily activities. He highlighted the agricultural viability of Kasipul and the need to prevent farmers from incurring losses due to poor road conditions. Were cautioned residents against interfering with the construction work and encouraged them to address any complaints to him for redress.

Vincent Chweya assured that Kerra’s mandate is to construct quality roads, and they will ensure the contractors deliver a commendable job. The road improvement project is expected to enhance the economic activities of the region and benefit the local farmers who have struggled with transportation challenges since the El Niño-induced damage.

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