Governor Kimani Wamatangi of Kiambu County has underscored the county government’s dedication to achieving gender parity and inclusivity across all levels of governance. He emphasized that women in his administration hold significant positions, not merely as tokens, but as deserving leaders in their own right, from the role of Deputy Governor to various positions within the county executive committee and departmental heads.

Addressing attendees during the commemoration of International Women’s Day, Governor Wamatangi highlighted the pivotal role of women in effecting positive change, both within the workforce and in family dynamics, particularly during challenging times. He stressed that investing in women isn’t just about harnessing their potential but also about fostering progress and prosperity within families, communities, and beyond. When women are given equal opportunities and empowered to thrive, they become catalysts for change, driving innovation and inclusive growth.

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day, “Invest in Her: Accelerate Progress,” resonates deeply with Governor Wamatangi’s vision. He reiterated that everyone possesses the power to champion gender equality and inclusivity in all aspects of life, thus catalyzing meaningful progress.

Rachel Kagoiya, the Executive Director of Groots Kenya, urged Governor Wamatangi to prioritize investment in women by providing funding and support for women within the community. She advocated for the adoption of the Groots Kenya Champions Model, emphasizing the importance of valuing and amplifying the voices of women in addressing societal challenges, as they often hold the solutions based on their experiences.

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day aligns with Kenya’s national development agenda, Vision 2030, particularly its social pillar, which aims to build a just and cohesive society through equitable social development. Moreover, it reinforces the government’s Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA), recognizing the critical role of women’s economic empowerment in fostering equitable development.

The event was attended by notable figures including Ms. Nancy Gichung’wa, County Executive Committee Member for Education, Gender, Culture, and Social Services, Ms. Emily Nkoroi, Chief Officer of Vocational Training and Social Services, County Commissioner Dancun Darusi, as well as other officials, partners, and Members of the County Assembly, reflecting a collaborative effort towards advancing gender equality and inclusivity in Kiambu County.

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