Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamatangi recently took a significant step towards supporting underprivileged students by distributing bursary cheques to those in need from Ndeiya Ward, Limuru Sub-County.

Alongside this support, Governor Wamatangi unveiled a series of substantial development projects aimed at improving the overall quality of life for the region’s residents.

Speaking at the event, Governor Wamatangi emphasized his administration’s commitment to enhancing local infrastructure and services, with a clear focus on advancing community development in Ndeiya Ward. He stressed the importance of investments in infrastructure, education, healthcare, and economic opportunities for the ward’s prosperity.

Governor Wamatangi highlighted plans to elevate the Ndeiya Health Centre to a Level 4 hospital, a move aimed at enhancing healthcare services in the region. The upgraded facility will include an 80-bed maternity wing, a vital addition expected to notably enhance maternal and child health outcomes. The tendering process for this renovation is currently underway and nearing completion.

In addition to healthcare improvements, Governor Wamatangi outlined efforts to bolster educational infrastructure. He mentioned the recent completion of the Thigio model Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) centre and announced upcoming construction at Makutano Primary School, following the tendering process’s successful award.

Addressing the need for better transportation infrastructure, Governor Wamatangi assured residents that road rehabilitation work in the ward would resume once the rainy season subsides. He disclosed plans to deploy the county’s road construction units to the area for three weeks to ensure swift restoration and maintenance of roads.

Furthermore, Governor Wamatangi revealed plans for the construction of a new market at Thigio Trading Centre. Valued at Sh 50 million, this project is expected to stimulate local commerce and provide a significant economic boost to the community, fostering growth and prosperity.

The meeting, where these announcements were made, was attended by several Members of the County Assembly (MCAs), including the Chief Whip and Ndeiya Ward Representative Nelson Munga. Their presence underscored the collaborative efforts between the executive and legislative branches to drive development and progress in Kiambu County.