The Kirinyaga Central National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) has allocated a substantial sum of Sh59.2 million towards education, aiming to cover school fees for all successful applicants in the current financial year.

This allocation marks the highest ever investment in education within the constituency since the establishment of the NG-CDF. Over 15,000 students across various levels and institutions are set to benefit from this funding.

During the launch of the disbursement, Kirinyaga Central’s Member of Parliament (MP), Gachoki Gitari, expressed his unwavering commitment to supporting education through every available means.

Gitari detailed the disbursement plan, specifying that day school students would each receive Sh5,000, while boarding students would be granted Sh6,000. Those boarding outside the county and attending higher education institutions would receive Sh10,000 each.

In addition to financial support, Gitari urged school principals to actively engage in enriching the education system by contributing to the development of plans and policies aimed at enhancing educational quality.

Emphasizing his dedication, Gitari warned against any attempts to manipulate the bursary application process, cautioning against the falsification of forms or names interchange, which would disqualify applicants from receiving the bursary.

Lucy Mbai, the Director of Education for Kirinyaga Central sub-county, commended the area’s outstanding academic performance and credited MP Gitari’s fervent commitment to education.

She encouraged parental involvement in school activities and appreciated principals who assist students facing financial challenges by allowing them to remain in school until bursary disbursement.

Ms. Mbai also highlighted the vital role of assistant chiefs in achieving the government’s 100 percent transition policy, calling for the construction of additional classrooms to meet the demand and ensure conducive learning environments.

Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) of Kirinyaga Central, Joseph Murethi, stressed the importance of identifying and nurturing talents among children. He attributed financial difficulties to issues like alcoholism and drug abuse, assuring efforts to address these challenges.

Murethi encouraged students to consider technical and vocational education for employable skills, citing government investments in these institutions and opportunities for international employment.

Principal Charity Mugo of Kirinyaga Central Technical and Vocational College informed attendees about ongoing applications and financial aid options available through various channels like KUCCPS and HELB scholarships.

Joseph Maina and Joseph Wanjiru, parents of bursary beneficiaries, expressed gratitude to the CDF board, acknowledging the alleviation of their children’s school fee worries and highlighting the NG-CDF’s contributions to school development, particularly in infrastructure.

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