In collaboration with the Kilifi County Government, the Kilifi Women Empowerment Cooperative Society (KWECOS) has inaugurated the KWECOS Sacco, with the aim of enhancing financial growth and empowerment among women in the county.

The women-led cooperative society intends to promote a culture of savings, borrowing, and investment among its members through the establishment of this Sacco.

Ephie Wesa, the chairperson of KWECOS, highlighted the necessity of initiating the Sacco to address the diverse challenges encountered by women in their daily lives. She expressed the desire for the county government’s policies to effectively reach women at the grassroots level.

With the current 357 registered members, Wesa revealed plans for a recruitment drive across all wards in Kilifi, targeting the enlistment of at least 1000 new members from each ward.

Encouraging women to join the Sacco, Wesa assured them of the safety of their finances under the firm and diligent leadership of KWECOS. She emphasized the Sacco’s commitment to uniqueness and transparency, encapsulated in its motto: “Breaking barriers and building bridges” to foster development for women in Kilifi.

Najma Mangi, the treasurer of KWECOS, disclosed that the Sacco has already collected Sh208,000 in membership fees and Sh48,000 in savings. She outlined various development programs and insurance packages available to registered members, ensuring significant benefits.

Mangi highlighted the Sacco’s distinct policies, including favorable interest rates on loans, tailored to meet the needs of its members. She reassured members about the safety of their finances, citing the formulation of by-laws designed to safeguard savings and promote further financial growth.

Aisha Said, representing new members of the Sacco, commended KWECOS for involving local women, particularly those with low-income status, in the formation of the Sacco. Said emphasized the opportunity the Sacco provides for low-income women to overcome challenges often encountered in informal savings groups, such as unsecured loans and unstable structures.

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