In a collaborative effort between Hope Mobility Kenya and Machakos Member of Parliament (MP) Caleb Mule Foundation, 200 People with Disability (PWDs) in Machakos sub-county have been equipped with personalized assistive devices, including wheelchairs, clutches, and walking sticks, to enhance their mobility and independence.

MP Caleb Mule, speaking at AIC Bomani church in Machakos town, emphasized the importance of providing customized mobility devices that cater to the unique needs of PWDs. He underscored the significance of inclusion and empowerment, ensuring that individuals with disabilities feel valued and integrated into society.

The initiative aims to address the challenges faced by PWDs, enabling them to lead more fulfilling lives. Mule highlighted the exorbitant costs of assistive devices, lamenting that many PWDs cannot afford them due to high taxes. He pledged to advocate for duty-free imports of wheelchairs and the establishment of local assembly plants to reduce costs and create employment opportunities.

Moreover, MP Mule vowed to push for disability-friendly features in all county-approved buildings, promoting inclusive infrastructure and ongoing support for PWDs. He emphasized the importance of accessibility, ensuring that individuals with disabilities can navigate public spaces with ease and dignity.

Jack Muthui, Executive Director of Hope Mobility Kenya, reiterated the organization’s commitment to expanding its reach beyond Machakos town, serving PWDs across Machakos County and beyond. Founded by Michael Panther, Hope Mobility Kenya strives to provide appropriate mobility devices and training to PWDs in Kenya and across Africa, fostering independence and hope.

The collaborative effort between Hope Mobility Kenya and MP Caleb Mule Foundation exemplifies a shared vision of inclusivity and empowerment, demonstrating the transformative impact of community-driven initiatives in improving the lives of PWDs.

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