the Magarini National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) has initiated the disbursement of educational bursaries amounting to a substantial sum of Sh42 million. This endeavor has garnered widespread appreciation from parents, school principals, and students alike, providing much-needed relief to residents grappling with economic challenges. Member of Parliament Harrison Garama Kombe, serving as the fund’s patron, has been lauded for his commitment to prioritizing education within the constituency.

Mr. Kombe, shedding light on the allocation, specified that Sh18 million would directly benefit 3,000 students enrolled in schools within the Magarini constituency. Additionally, the remaining Sh24 million would be allocated to students studying outside the constituency. He emphasized the necessity of increasing the bursary kitty within the annual allocation, citing the dire circumstances faced by many students who had lost hope of pursuing education due to financial constraints.

Addressing concerns regarding the timely release of funds, Mr. Kombe defended the government, stating that the disbursement of bursaries is contingent upon the availability of funds, which are derived from revenue collection processes that inherently take time to materialize.

The occasion also marked the launch of the Magarini NG-CDF strategic plan for the period 2023-2027. This comprehensive plan outlines projects totaling at least Sh945 million over the next five years, primarily focusing on initiatives in the education and security sectors within the constituency. Among the proposed projects are the construction of a Kenya Medical Training College campus, an agricultural institute, and the Magarini Sub County Headquarters, as well as the development and rehabilitation of educational infrastructure.

Grace Kimitei, representing the NG-CDF Headquarters, commended the Magarini NG-CDF board for its proactive approach in launching the strategic plan. She urged other constituencies across the country to follow suit, emphasizing the vital role of NG-CDF in complementing the efforts of the National Government and advancing the nation’s development agenda.

The initiative to construct the Magarini Sub County Headquarters was particularly praised by the Magarini Deputy Commissioner, highlighting the pressing need for proper administrative facilities. The relocation of the headquarters from Marafa to Jais is expected to enhance service delivery and improve working conditions for government staff and residents seeking assistance.

Local residents, expressing their gratitude to Mr. Kombe and the NG-CDF, emphasized the significance of timely and adequate disbursement of bursaries. They urged the national board of the fund to consider increasing the allocation to further support students in pursuing their educational aspirations.

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