Matungu Member of Parliament (MP), Oscar Nabulindo, has highlighted the critical importance of upgrading school infrastructure to accommodate the growing student population in the region. This emphasis follows the recent provision of three classrooms and a science laboratory to St. Maurice Mwira Secondary School in Mayoni Ward, Matungu Sub-county.

The MP underscored his dedication to enhancing educational facilities, emphasizing his commitment to delivering quality education as outlined in his manifesto. The project, funded under the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF), represents the first phase of a larger initiative aimed at constructing 20 additional buildings within the area.

Nabulindo emphasized that improved infrastructure not only facilitates learning but also paves the way for more students to pursue higher education and become self-reliant in the future. He urged elected leaders in the county to collaborate in realizing development goals that benefit the electorate.

In addition to infrastructure development, the MP addressed agricultural concerns, advising farmers to take advantage of subsidized fertilizer available at nearby sub-county offices and the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB). He cautioned against cartels exploiting farmers and impeding access to subsidized fertilizers, vowing to take action against such practices.

Nabulindo reiterated his commitment to promoting excellence in education by rewarding top-performing teachers and students. He stressed the significance of investing in education and pledged to continue building and upgrading educational infrastructure to create effective, safe, and inclusive learning environments.

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