The Nandi County Government has embarked on a partnership with the non-governmental organization Tripesa to digitize all tourist sites within the region.

Mr. Benjamin Kiprotich, the Chief Officer overseeing Trade, Tourism, and Industrialization, highlighted Nandi County’s wealth of historical and cultural heritage, emphasizing its potential to attract tourists and drive economic growth.

During a one-day training session for Tourism officers at a Kapsabet hotel, Kiprotich emphasized the importance of engaging stakeholders and investors through public-private partnerships to rejuvenate the tourism sector, ultimately creating job opportunities and boosting revenue.

Among the notable attractions slated for digitization are the awe-inspiring Chepkiit Waterfalls, Nandi Rocks, Kapsimotwa Gardens, Bonjoge National Reserve, Kipsigak Museum, Ndalat Hills, and Kingwal Swamp, among others.

Experts have identified the Sitatunga antelope, residing in Kingwal Swamp, as a significant tourist draw. However, concerns persist regarding the need to protect these creatures from poaching and safeguard their habitat from encroachment.

Representatives from Tripesa, a technology company specializing in digital market solutions for tourism, underscored the potential for locals to harness tourism opportunities for socioeconomic advancement, revenue generation, and positioning Nandi as a premier destination.

Mr. Muturi Kinyamu, Tripesa Country Manager, emphasized the untapped historical narratives of the Nandi people, citing legendary figures like Orkoiyot Samoei and Jean Marie Seroney. He emphasized the importance of digital marketing and signage in promoting these stories and attracting visitors to the region.

The initiative aims to transform Nandi County into an internationally recognized tourist destination, showcasing its rich cultural heritage and historical significance while driving economic prosperity for its residents.

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