The National Government Constituency Development Funds (NG-CDF) have been disbursed in Ainamoi and Belgut constituencies of Kericho County, benefiting over 10,000 students across various levels of education.

Ainamoi Constituency saw the allocation of Sh60 million in bursary funds by area legislator, Amb. Benjamin Langat. This substantial amount aims to support 10,600 needy students in secondary schools spread across all six wards in the constituency. Additionally, 1,365 students from Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutes and 1,387 university students from vulnerable families will also benefit from this fund.

Amb. Langat, speaking during the launch of the bursary funds at Matobo Secondary School, assured that all applicants in day schools would receive an equitable share of the bursary. The disbursement locations included Manyoror Secondary in Kapsaos Ward, Matobo Secondary in Kipchebor Ward, Kericho Secondary in Kapkugerwet Ward, Poiywek Secondary in Ainamo Ward, Kipchimchim Mixed secondary in Kipchimchim Ward, and Kenegut Day Secondary in Kapsoit ward.

Similarly, Belgut Member of Parliament Nelson Koech allocated Sh50 million in bursaries through NG-CDF for needy learners within the Sub-County. Expressing gratitude to all involved in the bursary process, Koech assured that cheques had been dispatched to all schools.

During the function at Chepkoton Secondary School, Kericho County Senator Aaron Cheruiyot emphasized the importance of the disbursement of resources to secure the future of needy and bright students. He urged parents to invest wisely in their children’s education and encouraged learners to pursue their dreams without being hindered by temporary obstacles.

The NG-CDF bursary disbursements in Kericho County highlight the government’s commitment to ensuring that education remains accessible to all, regardless of financial constraints. These initiatives play a crucial role in supporting students on their educational journey and empowering them to achieve their full potential.

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