Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, leader of the Wiper Democratic Party and Co-Principal of the Azimio – One Kenya Coalition, has called upon County Public Service Boards (CPSBs) to uphold professionalism, transparency, and accountability in their operations, particularly in staff recruitment processes.

Addressing the need for autonomy for CPSBs, Kalonzo stressed the importance of good governance and urged the boards to address issues of corruption within county administrations.

Speaking at the opening of a Four-Day County governments governance convention in Naivasha, themed “Professionalism and Good Governance in a Political Context,” organized by the Institute of Certified Public Secretaries (ICPS), Kalonzo emphasized the significance of compliance with national recruitment standards and the distribution of positions among diverse communities as outlined in the County Government Act.

Kalonzo highlighted concerns raised by the Public Service Commission regarding falsified academic credentials among public servants, urging CPSBs to conduct thorough verification processes during hiring to prevent such occurrences.

Moreover, Kalonzo expressed worry over patterns of employment diversity revealed in a report by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission, urging CPSBs to ensure equitable hiring practices across all county activities.

Jeremiah Karanja, CEO of ICPS, reiterated the importance of training CPSBs to promote good governance in county operations. He emphasized the need for CPSBs to have autonomy and financial independence to carry out their duties effectively.

Former Chair of the National Transition Authority, Kinuthia Wa Mwangi, echoed the call for autonomy for County Public Service Boards and urged the Senate to establish a constitutional framework to safeguard their independence from political interference.

Key challenges facing CPSBs, including pressure to employ politically connected individuals and poor coordination with National Service Boards, were also highlighted during the convention.

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