The business community in Tana River County is gearing up to stage a demonstration against Kenya Power Company due to the persistent power blackouts affecting Hola, Garsen, and Bura Towns in the region.

Expressing their frustration, local businessman Alfrad Otieno, who runs a workshop in Hola Town, highlighted the detrimental impact of the unreliable power supply on businesses. Otieno revealed that over the past month, frequent blackouts, exacerbated by floods in parts of Madogo and Tana Delta Sub County, have led to substantial losses for traders in the area.

Otieno criticized Kenya Power staff in Hola for their alleged failure to communicate effectively with residents regarding the scheduled blackouts, which typically occur in the afternoons until about 7 pm, followed by another outage from midnight until around 9 am the following day.

The persisting power failures have severely hampered business operations, making it challenging for traders to sustain their enterprises and meet financial obligations, including employee salaries, due to significant losses incurred.

In response to the traders’ grievances, local Kenya Power Company Business Manager Limo Sai acknowledged the frequency of power blackouts in the area. However, Sai defended the company’s employees against accusations of incompetence, stating that efforts were being made to address the situation.

Sai attributed the root cause of the problem to inconsistent power supply from the Malindi side, which has been experiencing intermittent outages. He assured residents that both the Hola and Malindi teams are collaborating to restore stable power supply to the affected areas as soon as possible.

With traders growing increasingly discontented with the ongoing disruptions, they have issued a warning, indicating their intention to stage a demonstration against the power company if their concerns are not promptly addressed.