The Trans Nzoia County government has started a review of the academic qualifications of its staff. This is part of an effort to look at how the organization is structured.

Many county employees are worried about this review. Some reports suggest that it might be to find and remove people with fake academic certificates.

Phoebe Bichunju, a Senior Administrator in Governance, says the main reason for the review is to make sure that the skills of the employees match the work they do. She believes this will make services better and ensure that people get good value for the money spent by the government.

The review started on Thursday and will last for one week. The Department of Public Service Management is overseeing it, with the Human Resource Management department leading the process.

Imeldah Agoi, the Director of Human Resource Management, agrees with Bichunju. She says that after the review, the skills and knowledge of the county employees will match the services they provide. She also mentions that having a clear structure will help the county government in hiring and managing salaries.

During the review, employees need to show their original and copied national identification cards, academic and professional certificates, as well as their first and latest appointment letters.

This review is seen as a step towards ensuring that the county government is transparent and accountable in how it employs people and manages their qualifications.