Agriland Solution has introduced new methods to improve tea production and increase profits for small-scale farmers in Murang’a. This initiative aims to assist farmers facing challenges with low returns due to high levies on harvesting green tea leaves. The company has collaborated with farmers from various tea factories in the county to enhance tea picking, consequently boosting green leaf production.

The decision to implement these strategies comes in response to complaints from numerous small-scale tea farmers about reduced profits. The existing rate charged by tea pickers, at Sh12 per kilo, is deemed excessive by farmers considering the size of their farms. Moreover, many tea pickers tend to avoid small farms due to the inability to provide consistent work over several days.

Since September of the previous year, Agriland Solutions has been providing tea pickers and managing their payment on a weekly basis. CEO Sam Muiruri emphasizes that the company aims to alleviate the high cost of production for tea farmers and assist them in maximizing their earnings. Additionally, the firm works with large-scale farmers, offering qualified tea pickers and aiding in the management of harvested green leaf.

Muiruri reveals that Agriland Solutions has partnered with farmers from several tea factories including Ngeere, Ikumbi, Makomboki, and Njunu. The company’s model involves deducting only 7.5 percent of farmers’ proceeds as payment, resulting in a significant increase in farm yields, as indicated by the pilot phase showing a 50 percent increase.

Furthermore, Agriland Solutions employs agronomists who visit individual farms to ensure tea pickers are performing efficiently and farms are well maintained. In cases of low green leaf production, soil tests are conducted, and farmers are provided with appropriate advice to improve their harvests. Additionally, the company assists farmers in acquiring farm inputs such as manure at an affordable price upon request.

To address the issue of theft, the company enforces strict policies for tea pickers, emphasizing discipline and preventing green leaf theft. Each registered farmer is issued a unique number by their tea factory, which must be used while selling tea at buying centers to prevent fraudulent activities.

Muiruri acknowledges the financial challenges faced by many tea farmers, who often accumulate heavy debts while balancing farm maintenance and family support. However, with Agriland Solutions’ assistance, farmers now have the opportunity to diversify their farming activities and increase their income.

Local farmer Florence Githinji expresses satisfaction with Agriland’s management of her small farm, noting increased tea production and reduced wastage. Similarly, Samuel Kirubi highlights improved payment processes for tea pickers, allowing them to receive their dues promptly, thereby easing financial burdens previously faced by farmers.

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