A businessman accused of receiving a sum of 250,000 US Dollars (approximately 37.5 million Kenyan Shillings) has been released on bail of 1 million Shillings in cash after being detained in prison for two days.

Nashon Otieno Agudha, who is accused of deceiving Dubai-based jewel dealer Surinder Singh Kanda, was released by Senior Magistrate Gilbert Shikwe on Friday, April 12, 2024.

Agudha denied defrauding Surinder of the money, claiming he had the ability to transport 300 kilograms of gold by private plane from Kenya to Dubai.

Agudha, who was dressed in a suit with a tie and an expensive watch, was taken into custody after Shikwe said he needed time to evaluate the defendant’s bail application, citing concerns about his health.

Prosecutor Judy Koech did not oppose the defendant being released on bail.

Agudha denied defrauding Mr. Surinder Singh Kanda of 250,000 US Dollars, equivalent to 37,500,000 Kenyan Shillings, claiming he had the ability to transport 300 kilograms of gold from Kenya to Dubai.

Upon receiving the money, the accused claimed he would hire a plane for the operation.

The defendant also informed the complainant, Mr. Kanda, that he would insure the gold in case of loss.

In addition to these sweet words, the defendant told the complainant that he would pay taxes on the gold to the Kenyan Revenue Authority (KRA).

The court was informed that all these statements were false.

This alleged seller of fake gold denied that he received the money fraudulently from Surinder Singh Kanda between July 13 and October 18, 2023.

The accused was said to have received the money in the upscale neighborhood of Runda Glory Valley in Nairobi.

In his bail application, Agudha told the magistrate that he was not in good health and needed emergency treatment at a private hospital.

“Doctors in public hospitals are on strike, and I need urgent treatment. I request to be released on bail so that I do not suffer while in prison,” Agudha pleaded with the magistrate.

In addition to that request, the defendant informed the court that the police had seized his three mobile phones, as well as his luxury Toyota V8 car.

The defendant told the magistrate that the phones and the car had no connection to the gold business between him and Kanda.

But prosecutor Judy Koech asked the court to grant bail at the highest amount, considering that the defendant defrauded the Dubai investor of a large sum of money.

Ms. Koech said the defendant had not presented evidence from a hospital to prove that he was ill.

In his ruling, Mr. Shikwe said, “I need time to evaluate submissions from both sides. I will give my decision on Friday. The defendant will remain in custody.”

Immediately after the magistrate said that, the defendant handed his phone to his relative and was handcuffed by police officers and taken back to prison.

He will return to court on April 26, 2024, for further hearing.