In a bid to achieve a fair division of assets in her divorce case, the estranged wife of Ingvar Investment Limited’s director, Sverre Ingvar Asmervic, has initiated legal proceedings against him, filing three separate cases in various courts.

One of the cases filed by Joyce Mueni George at the Mombasa Chief Magistrate’s Court requests an equitable distribution of wealth, arguing that assets held under the company’s name should be subject to fair division due to Sverre’s role as director.

Additionally, in the cases filed at other courts, Mueni sought two further orders concerning the disputed marriage: the freezing of assets and an injunction preventing her husband from leaving the country.

The couple tied the knot on November 5, 2013, officiated by the Registrar of Marriages in Mombasa.

Their marriage, which lasted for four years until 2017, came to an end due to irreconcilable issues, leading to their separation.

Mueni outlined various grievances in her court documents, citing contempt, disrespect, and cruelty from her husband, which inflicted significant mental and psychological distress upon her.

She also accused Sverre of neglecting his marital responsibilities due to alcoholism and promiscuity, further exacerbating their relationship problems.

These irreconcilable differences eventually resulted in a breakdown of communication between them, prompting Mueni to file for divorce on grounds of cruelty.

Mueni, represented by her lawyer Elkana Mogaka, highlighted that during their marriage, she and Sverre had jointly acquired properties, which she believes should be fairly divided.

Allegations surfaced that following their separation, Sverre unlawfully transferred matrimonial properties without Mueni’s consent, prompting her to pursue legal action in the Environment and Land Court.

Concerned that Sverre might attempt to liquidate assets and evade legal proceedings, Mueni sought to freeze his accounts and assets until the divorce case concludes.

To prevent Sverre from leaving the jurisdiction and potentially transferring funds overseas, Mueni also sought restraining orders at the High Court, emphasizing the urgency of the matter.

High Court Judge Gregory Mutai recognized the urgency of the situation and ordered the preservation of the status quo until a hearing scheduled for March 12, 2024, granting Sverre three days to respond to the application.

In response to these legal maneuvers, Mombasa Magistrate Gathogo Sogomo directed both parties to appear before Senior Resident Magistrate Lewis Gatheru on March 7 for further proceedings.

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