Businessman Suresh Kantaria finds himself embroiled in a legal dispute with his former wife, Mradula Kantaria, regarding the sale of matrimonial properties following their divorce in 2005. The Court of Appeal’s 2015 directive ordered the sale of properties located in South C and Gigiri, with proceeds to be shared in a 3:1 ratio in favor of Suresh.

Suresh, who owns two houses and a plot in South C, along with another parcel of land in Gigiri, is contesting Mradula’s proposal to auction the properties and hold the proceeds in an escrow account managed by her lawyers. Instead, Suresh advocates for the properties to be professionally valued to ensure they fetch the best prices on the current market.

In his proposal, Suresh suggests that each co-owner should have the liberty to seek buyers, with properties sold to those offering the highest prices. He argues that this approach would expedite the sale process and resolve pending litigations associated with the properties.

However, Mradula seeks a larger share of the proceeds, along with a monthly maintenance payment of Sh350,000 from the sale proceeds, citing the Court of Appeal’s judgment. She asserts her right to receive ongoing financial support until her demise, as she does not intend to remarry.

In addition to the dispute over the division of proceeds, Suresh claims that Mradula owes him millions in unpaid upkeep, while he is owed rent arrears for her continued occupancy of his property in Gigiri. The Land and Environment Court previously ruled in Suresh’s favor, ordering Mradula to pay him Sh46 million in rent arrears.

Furthermore, Prime Bank, an objector in the case, now supports the auction of properties, diverging from its previous stance. The matter is set to be heard by Justice Hillary Chemitei in April.

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