Residents of Jogoo Road Phase 2 Estate have initiated legal action to halt the government’s plan to evict them from their homes to make way for an affordable housing project.

On February 27, the Ministry of Land, Public Works, Housing, and Urban Development sent notices to over 300 residents, instructing them to vacate and surrender their houses to the Director of Estate Management by April 30.

According to Housing PS Charles Hinga, the estates, including Jogoo Road Phase 1 and 2, Jamaa, Mbotela, Ahero, and Mawenzi Gardens, have been identified for the Affordable Housing Program as part of the Bottom-up Economic Transformation Agenda.

In a legal petition, Kennedy Ochuodho and ten others are requesting a temporary order to prevent the CS and PS from demolishing or evicting them from their residences at Jogoo Road Phase 2 government estate.

Representing themselves and 335 other residents of the estate, they argue that the estate, consisting of 365 house units, was established by the government to offer decent and affordable housing for civil servants employed in various national government ministries.

The residents claim to have resided in the estate for over three decades and assert that the notice they received on February 29 was unexpected.

They state, “We were under the impression that Jogoo Road Phase 2 government Estate was not part of the properties designated for the affordable housing government agenda.”

Challenging the 60-day notice period to vacate, they emphasize the long tenure of their occupation and the impact on their families, particularly their school-going children.

Among the affected residents are cleaners, government drivers, and clerks whose housing allowances range from Sh4000 to Sh6500 per month.

They express concern that the government’s actions will infringe upon their children’s right to education.

In response to the residents’ legal action, High Court Judge Justice Mwita has instructed them to serve the CS and PS Ministry of Housing with their petition documents.

Further directions on the case will be provided on March 12, during which parties will address the court regarding its jurisdiction to adjudicate the matter.

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