Joseph Irungu, known as Jowie, the primary accused in Monica Kimani’s murder trial, has been confirmed by the court to have known the victim before her demise, despite his initial denial.

Jowie, along with Jacque Maribe, was charged in 2018 in connection to Monica’s murder, refuting any previous acquaintance with her.

Justice Grace Nzioka addressed the discrepancy, highlighting the inconsistency in Jowie’s claim that he was unfamiliar with Monica prior to her death.

The court dismissed Jowie’s assertion as untenable, insincere, and false, determining that he and Monica were acquainted during their time at Kenya Polytechnic, where they shared classes pursuing the same course.

Regarding Monica’s death, Justice Nzioka categorized it unequivocally as a homicide, supported by forensic evidence and medical examination findings presented by the prosecution.

The judgment had been postponed twice, with the latest adjournment due to Maribe’s advocate, Katwa Kigen, citing her illness.

Monica’s body was discovered at her residence in Lamuria Gardens Apartment on Kitale Lane in Kilimani.

The trial, ongoing since 2018, witnessed the prosecution presenting 35 witnesses, while the defense opted not to call any witnesses.

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