A man from Kisumu was released after serving an 18-month prison sentence for the killing of his wife’s lover in a crime of passion. This incident sheds light on the intricate dynamics between human emotion and the dispensation of justice.

The events unfolded on the evening of December 6, 2022, when COO, a boda boda rider, returned home to Manyatta Estate, Kisumu County, only to discover his wife in a compromising situation with a neighbor known as EMO. Fueled by overwhelming rage, COO attacked EMO with a panga, causing fatal injuries. He testified that he had lost control of his actions and surrendered himself to the police afterward.

Despite previous warnings to EMO to stay away from his wife, their affair persisted, culminating in tragedy when COO returned from visiting his sick child in the hospital to find them together. The court heard that COO, typically known for his caring nature, was driven to a moment of temporary insanity upon this discovery.

In her ruling, Justice Roselyne Aburili of the Kisumu High Court sentenced COO to 18 months in prison under the law of insanity. The court concluded that his actions were not premeditated but driven by an uncontrollable rage induced by the circumstances. Dr. Lucy Ombok, who conducted the autopsy, confirmed that EMO died from severe bleeding due to multiple deep cuts, particularly around the neck.

COO explained in court that he had gone to the hospital to bring milk for his ailing child, only to find the child alone upon his return. This raised suspicions, leading him to discover the affair. Justice Aburili noted COO’s care for his child and his efforts to salvage his marriage, portraying him as a responsible and caring individual pushed over the edge by the discovery of the affair.

The defence counsel cited biblical references, emphasizing the intensity of a husband’s jealousy and the turmoil caused by adultery, seeking to depict COO’s actions as a reaction to deep emotional distress rather than premeditated murder. Interestingly, EMO’s wife did not testify in his defense, having previously warned him against the affair.

After considering all testimonies and evidence, the court ruled that COO’s actions, though unlawful, were committed in a moment of temporary insanity. Justice Aburili acknowledged the tragic outcome but deemed it an act of passion rather than premeditated murder.

Following the completion of his 18-month sentence, including time spent in custody, COO was released.