A proposed amendment to the 2023 Bribery Act in Kenya aims to revolutionize road monitoring by substituting traffic police with Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance. Sponsored by Bomachoge Borabu MP Barango Obadiah, the bill seeks to introduce anti-bribery measures for the National Police Service, thereby eliminating the need for physical enforcement by traffic officers.

Under the proposed legislation, CCTV cameras would be installed in all areas where traffic police are stationed, facilitating the detection and prevention of bribery incidents. The bill also advocates for the commissioning of police uniforms without pockets and mandates the maintenance of CCTV cameras in designated traffic areas.

Additionally, the bill establishes eight multi-agency command centers responsible for storing CCTV footage from these designated areas. Staffed by officers nominated by both the National Police Service and the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA), these command centers aim to enhance accountability and transparency in law enforcement.

MP Barango emphasized the necessity of reducing human interaction with motorists on roads, citing the prevalence of open bribery practices. He proposed that police officers stationed in the designated areas to oversee the CCTV command centers should not be permitted to leave their assigned locations.

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