President William Ruto has taken action against Justice Mohammed Kullow, suspending him from his position and initiating an inquiry into allegations of gross misconduct. The decision was made following a recommendation by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC), signaling a significant development in the judiciary.

In response to the recommendation, President Ruto issued a gazette notice on March 8, appointing Appellate Judge Patrick Kiage as the chairman of the tribunal tasked with investigating the allegations against Justice Kullow. The tribunal, comprising esteemed members including Justice Margaret Njoki Mwangi, Justice Anthony Charo Mrima, Jinaro Kipkemoi, Wanjiru Mwariri, Rukia Abdinasir Mohamed, and Charles Mulila, will undertake a thorough examination of the accusations leveled against Justice Kullow.

The primary objective of the tribunal will be to assess the four petitions calling for Kullow’s removal from office. Additionally, the tribunal will scrutinize the judge’s conduct as outlined in the petitions, evaluating whether the allegations amount to a breach of Article 168 of the Constitution. President Ruto emphasized the importance of expeditious proceedings, urging the tribunal to submit its report and recommendations promptly.

The Judicial Service Commission’s recommendation for Justice Kullow’s suspension stemmed from allegations of gross misconduct, incompetence, and violations of the Judicial Service Code of Conduct. Of particular concern was Kullow’s alleged delay or failure to issue rulings or judgments in 116 legal matters. Chaired by Chief Justice Martha Koome, the JSC deemed the grounds for Kullow’s removal substantial, prompting the call for a tribunal to investigate the matter thoroughly.

As the tribunal commences its inquiry, Justice Kullow will be placed on half pay, awaiting the outcome of the proceedings conducted by the seven-member panel.

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