Jacque Maribe and Jowie Irungu have appeared in court as they await their judgment today, originally slated for March 15 but rescheduled to February 9 with the parties’ agreement.

The judgment has faced two postponements, with the latest delay attributed to Maribe’s advocate, Katwa Kigen, citing her illness.

Maribe donned a yellow suit with a white top, while Jowie wore a flowered shirt to the court proceedings, where Maribe’s parents were also in attendance.

Jowie stands as the primary accused in the Monica Kimani murder trial, charged alongside Jacque Maribe in 2018. Monica’s body was discovered at her residence in Lamuria Gardens Apartment on Kitale Lane, Kilimani.

Throughout the trial, the prosecution presented 35 witnesses who testified against the accused duo. Despite their denial of any acquaintance with Monica or involvement in her demise, Assistant DPP Gikui Gichuki asserted that the evidence presented in court is sufficient for their conviction.

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