The owner of Casuarina Plaza faces a setback as the High Court orders surrendering the title and ownership documents of the land to the state. The ruling comes following assertions from the Assets Recovery Agency (ARA) that the properties are proceeds of crime.

ARA, represented by lawyer Mohamed Adow, expressed concerns to the court about the potential disposal or transfer of assets by the owner, Anwar Ali Omar. Adow emphasized the importance of preservation orders to prevent such actions.

Justice Esther Maina ruled in favor of ARA’s request, ordering Omar to surrender the title and ownership documents of the specified property, including Casuarina Plaza. Order 2 details the specific land reference portion and dimensions of the plaza.

ARA initiated investigations into Omar after his arrest and subsequent charge for narcotics trafficking. During the arrest, a substantial amount of cocaine was seized from his residence, leading to suspicions regarding the origin of the plaza’s funds.

Justice Maina also issued preservation orders prohibiting Omar and associated parties from dealing with the property or its rental income. Additionally, she directed the deposit of rental income into an ARA account pending further legal proceedings.

Furthermore, a caveat against the property’s records was ordered by the Chief Land Registrar, and the preservation orders will be effective for 90 days, as stipulated by the law.

ARA is tasked with serving Omar with the orders within 21 days from February 7, 2024.

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