Former TV news anchor Jacque Maribe was acquitted in the case involving the murder of Monica Kimani due to the prosecution’s inability to place her at the scene of the crime, according to Justice Grace Nzioka.

Justice Nzioka stated that there was no evidence indicating any communication between Maribe and Monica Kimani. She criticized the prosecution for pursuing an improper charge against Maribe.

“It’s my considered view that the charge brought against Maribe was not the proper charge. Evidence against Maribe didn’t place her in the house of the deceased on a material night,” remarked the Judge.

Nzioka clarified that the evidence presented only related to a shooting incident involving Jowie Irungu on September 20, for which Maribe was found liable for providing false information to the police.

During the defense proceedings, Maribe asserted that she was with former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on the day of the incident. She denied any connection to Kimani’s murder, stating she had no motive and did not know the victim.

Maribe explained that her phone being switched off on the day of the crime did not imply her involvement.

“My relationship with Jowie then was that of cohabitation, and assisting him in obtaining medical treatment after he was shot was a constitutional right,” she maintained.

In acquitting Maribe, the Judge emphasized that it was the prosecution’s responsibility to refute her alibi defense. An alibi defense in criminal law involves presenting evidence to prove that the defendant was not present at the crime scene during the time of the offense.

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