Members of the Community Land Management Committee (CMLC) from Turkana South and East regions have completed a training program focused on utilizing the Alternative Justice System (AJS) to address land-related disputes within their communities.

Conducted over three days, the training initiative was a collaborative effort between the County Government and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), aimed at equipping committee members with skills to effectively resolve conflicts related to land ownership and usage.

Participants in the training were selected from six distinct communities, namely Lomunyenkupurat, Kapese, Nakukulas, Lokichar, Loperot, and Kasuroi, reflecting a diverse representation across the region.

Turkana County stands as one of the pioneering counties in embracing and implementing the Alternative Justice System (AJS), boasting a fully functional team of legal experts led by Yusuf Aremon.

Leah Losiru, the Chief Officer for Lands and Physical Planning, emphasized the importance of leveraging past successful cases resolved through the AJS framework as valuable learning experiences for the trainees. She encouraged them to utilize this knowledge in practical conflict resolution scenarios.

“The exposure provided during this training encompasses both the legal and administrative aspects of the AJS, offering you a robust toolkit to draw from when addressing land disputes,” Chief Officer Leah remarked, underlining the significance of continuous learning and application of acquired skills.

Yusuf Aremon, the Chair of the AJS, reiterated his commitment to providing ongoing mentorship and support to the trainees, emphasizing the importance of their role in fostering peaceful coexistence and sustainable land management practices within their communities.

The training program covered various essential aspects, including dispute resolution mechanisms, adherence to the National Land Policy, sustainable natural resource management practices, and the responsibilities associated with membership in the AJS system.

The presence of key stakeholders such as Turkana Central Assistant County Commissioner, Michael Kiguta, and representatives from the County Attorney’s office underscored the collaborative effort and commitment to strengthening community-driven conflict resolution mechanisms.

By equipping members of the Community Land Management Committee with the necessary skills and knowledge, the training initiative aims to foster greater harmony, equity, and sustainable development within Turkana’s diverse communities, setting a positive precedent for conflict resolution practices across the region.