In a legal dispute surrounding the burial of world marathon record holder Kelvin Kiptum, the High Court has denied an application seeking to halt his burial. Edna Awuor Otieno, a 22-year-old woman, claims to be the lover of the deceased and the mother of his child, a one-year-old girl. She filed the application seeking recognition for herself and her child as beneficiaries of Kiptum’s estate.

Kiptum, who is set to be laid to rest at his newly constructed home in Naiberi, faced opposition to his burial arrangements from Ms. Otieno, who sought to prevent the removal of his body from Eldoret Hospital Mortuary pending a court hearing. She also requested a DNA test to establish paternity.

During the court proceedings, Ms. Otieno argued that Kiptum had acknowledged her and their child, providing support until his recent demise in a road accident. However, she claimed that Kiptum’s family had disregarded her and her daughter, excluding them from funeral arrangements and refusing to recognize them in the eulogy.

Justice Robert Wananda declined the application, citing the advanced stage of burial arrangements and the public interest involved. He suggested that other legal avenues could be pursued to establish paternity and ensure the rights of the child are protected.

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