In a collaborative effort between National Government Administrative officers (NGAO) and county officials, a significant haul of illicit liquor was intercepted in Matungulu sub county. The operation resulted in the confiscation of 850 boxes containing second-generation illicit alcohol, with each box containing 20 bottles of 250 ml.

Machakos County Commissioner Josephine Ouko expressed concern over the prevalence of illicit alcohol, emphasizing its detrimental impact on society. She stressed that the proliferation of such liquor posed a serious national security threat and urged the public to provide any relevant information to aid in apprehending the perpetrators.

Ouko highlighted the adverse effects of illicit liquor, citing its role in contributing to the spread of HIV/AIDS and increasing crime rates. Additionally, she warned against the consumption of bhang, pointing out its association with mental health issues that hinder individuals from fulfilling their responsibilities.

In a move to address the problem at its root, Ouko issued warnings to bar owners operating near schools and residential areas, cautioning them of imminent closure. She directed enforcement agencies to ensure strict compliance with the government’s directive, which mandates the suspension of licenses for second-generation alcohol manufacturers and the closure of bars within 300 meters of educational and residential premises.

Furthermore, the crackdown targeted distributors and manufacturers, although they managed to evade arrest. However, law enforcement agencies assured that efforts are underway to apprehend them and bring them to justice.

The operation comes in the wake of heightened government measures to curb the production and sale of illicit liquor, underscoring the administration’s commitment to safeguarding public health and safety.

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