Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) intercepted and apprehended two individuals trafficking 67 bales of bhang in Mwea, Kirinyaga County. The operation, led by DCI’s Operations Support unit, followed intelligence-led tracking of two vehicles originating from Moyale, a known hub for drug trafficking.

DCI Director Mohamed Amin revealed that the detectives strategically deployed along commonly used routes by traffickers to evade roadblocks successfully intercepted the suspects. The operation was spurred by information indicating a change in tactics by a syndicate transporting bhang from Moyale, shifting from using trucks with concealed compartments to less conspicuous saloon cars.

At approximately 2 pm, a Nissan Primera was intercepted at Kimbimbi, where a search uncovered 30 bales of bhang concealed in gunny bags. The driver, a resident of Runyenjes in Embu County, was promptly arrested. Minutes later, another vehicle, a Toyota, was spotted carrying an additional 37 bales towards Makutano junction. After a pursuit, the second suspect was apprehended.

Both the seized bhang and the arrested suspects were transported to Nairobi for further processing. This successful operation adds to recent anti-narcotics efforts, including the confiscation of 132 bales of bhang in Mwingi and the arrest of suspects transporting heroin in Nairobi.

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