Amid ongoing police operations, Nairobi witnessed two separate incidents resulting in tragic deaths as victims fell prey to robbery and violence.

In the first incident, Tobias Oyo, aged 45, was found dead with multiple stab wounds along a roadside in Huruma, Nairobi. Oyo, leaving his house early in the morning for work, encountered a group of four armed men wielding knives and crude weapons. Initial police reports suggest the gang targeted pedestrians, likely for robbery. Tragically, Oyo’s resistance to their demands allegedly provoked the assailants, leading to a fatal stabbing. The perpetrators fled the scene with Oyo’s mobile phone, leaving behind his body and a modest sum of money found intact in his pockets.

Security camera footage captured the perpetrators escaping toward the Mathere River direction following the incident. The police investigation is ongoing, with the victim’s body awaiting autopsy as part of the probe.

In a separate incident in the Mwiki area, an unidentified man’s body was discovered dumped in a quarry, displaying signs of severe head injuries. The circumstances surrounding the murder remain unclear, with preliminary investigations suggesting the victim may have been killed elsewhere before being disposed of at the quarry site. As with the previous case, the victim’s body awaits autopsy as authorities continue their inquiries.

As police intensify efforts to address the surge in crime, particularly involving motorcycle riders implicated in robberies and violence, dozens of suspects have been apprehended. Nairobi police boss Adamson Bungei reported that these operations have resulted in the recovery of over 300 stolen mobile phones, indicating the extent of the criminal activity.

In response to these incidents, authorities issue a reminder to the public, advising victims of robberies to prioritize their safety by cooperating with assailants. Such measures, while difficult, aim to minimize the risk of escalating violence and harm during criminal encounters.

Despite these efforts, no arrests have been made in connection with the recent murders, underscoring the challenges faced by law enforcement in combating escalating crime rates.

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