The Nigerian Government has officially announced that Nadeem Anjarwalla, an executive at Binance, who fled custody in Nigeria, has been located in Kenya.

A joint operation, involving the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the International Criminal Police, the Nigeria Police Force, and the Kenyan Police Service, was launched to locate Anjarwalla.

Anjarwalla had been detained in Nigeria on suspicion of being involved in the alleged embezzlement of Ksh4.6 billion ($35,400,000).

After confirming his presence in Kenya, the collaborating teams are now working together to facilitate his extradition back to Nigeria to face the charges against him.

“We know where he is. He is in Kenya, and we’re working with the authorities to bring him back to Nigeria,” a source informed a Nigerian news outlet.

According to Ola Olukuyede, chairman of the EFCC, Anjarwalla is facing five charges, including tax evasion, currency speculation, and money laundering allegations against Binance Holdings Limited’s executives.

The Nigerian government has intensified its crackdown on Binance operations, alleging its involvement in manipulating the country’s foreign exchange market.

Anjarwalla managed to escape custody in Nigeria on March 22, where he was detained. The Office of the National Security Adviser (NSA) confirmed the incident, reassuring that relevant authorities were collaborating to locate him.

The British-Nigerian citizen, working as Binance Africa Regional Manager, escaped during a 14-day remand period. He was scheduled to appear in court on April 4, 2024, to face charges related to financial operations in Nigeria.

Previously, Binance admitted guilt to money laundering charges by the US government and agreed to pay Ksh559 billion ($4.3 billion) to settle the criminal charges.

Once apprehended, Anjarwalla will be transferred back to Nigeria to face trial.