The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has launched an investigation into allegations of fake academic certificates among managers employed by the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) Board. This inquiry is part of the agency’s broader efforts to tackle the issue of fraudulent academic credentials in government positions across Kenya.

According to reports received by the Commission, some senior officers within the NG-CDF Board are suspected of possessing dubious academic papers. The EACC revealed that it has made significant progress in investigating certain cases, while others are still undergoing evaluation at various stages.

The investigation also includes probing allegations that the NG-CDF Board failed to take action when concerns about a senior staff member with purported fake academic credentials were raised. One instance highlighted by the EACC involves a university alleging that a degree certificate presented by a manager for employment was forged. The university reportedly disowned the certificate and notified the Board about the discrepancy.

The EACC emphasized its commitment to prosecuting individuals found to have secured government positions using fake academic papers and recovering any benefits earned through such means. Recently, the Commission arrested a ward administrator in Marsabit on similar charges of using forged documents to secure employment.

Public Service Commission (PSC) Chairperson Anthony Muchiri disclosed that a comprehensive authentication exercise revealed over 2,000 public officers who obtained jobs, promotions, or re-designations through fraudulent academic credentials. Muchiri emphasized that the findings have been shared with the EACC and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) for appropriate action.

The probe targeted a total of 331 institutions, including ministries, state departments, agencies, state corporations, and public universities. While some institutions have fully complied with the authentication process, others are still under scrutiny for potential irregularities.

The ongoing investigation underscores the seriousness with which government agencies are addressing the issue of academic fraud. By collaborating with law enforcement agencies and conducting thorough assessments, authorities aim to uphold the integrity of public service and ensure that individuals are appointed based on genuine qualifications.

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