Kevin Adam Kinyanjui Kangethe, a murder suspect awaiting extradition on a Massachusetts warrant, executed a daring escape from police custody by slipping out of a cell at a Nairobi police station and boarding a matatu towards Thika on the evening of Wednesday, February 7. The escape unfolded during a meeting between Kangethe and his lawyer at the station, raising questions about the security protocols in place.

Details emerged indicating that Kangethe, who is accused of killing his girlfriend and leaving her body in a car at Boston airport, met with his lawyer at approximately 5 pm. Subsequently, he was removed from his cell and taken to an anti-crime office for the meeting. However, after a brief discussion, Kangethe made a run for it, leaving the lawyer behind.

The escape occurred while senior police officers were holding a meeting with anti-crime personnel, creating a window of opportunity for Kangethe to flee. He managed to evade capture by boarding a matatu at a nearby bus stop, despite efforts by pursuing officers.

Four police officers and the lawyer involved in the incident have been arrested and are assisting in the investigation. Efforts to trace Kangethe and the matatu involved in his escape are ongoing, with authorities intensifying their search immediately after the incident.

Kangethe’s extradition case stems from allegations that he murdered Margaret Mbitu in October 2023 before fleeing to Kenya. Massachusetts authorities had been coordinating with Kenyan officials to locate and apprehend him. Kangethe’s escape has raised concerns about the security measures in place at police stations and the handling of high-profile detainees awaiting extradition.

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