Dubat Ali Amey, chair of the Livestock Marketing Council, has called upon North Eastern regional commissioner John Otieno to convene an urgent meeting of leaders to address the recent surge in terrorism in the area. Following Monday’s terror attack in Mandera, which resulted in the deaths of three individuals and injuries to thirteen others, Amey expressed grave concern over the potential resurgence of terrorism in a region that has enjoyed relative peace in recent years.

Among the casualties were two police officers attached to the Mandera traffic department, alongside the proprietor of a local food kiosk. Amey emphasized the importance of elected leaders in the region coming together to mobilize residents and collaborate with security agencies to identify and root out individuals involved in terrorist activities.

Offering condolences to the families of the deceased, Amey stressed the urgent need for united action against terrorism. He urged residents to stand in solidarity with the government’s security efforts, highlighting the collective responsibility in combating threats to peace and stability.

Recognizing the role of citizens in providing actionable intelligence to security agencies, Amey underscored the importance of community support in the fight against terrorism. Despite the government’s deployment of adequate security personnel, including the military, he emphasized that without citizen cooperation, these efforts would be rendered ineffective.

In response to the attack, civilians wounded in the incident were airlifted to Nairobi for specialized treatment. This decision followed public outcry in Mandera town, where residents demanded equitable support for all victims amidst allegations of discrimination. The airlifting of injured police officers while leaving civilians with similar injuries at the Mandera referral hospital prompted widespread concern.