Murang’a Woman Rep Betty Maina and Senator Joe Nyutu have issued a stern warning to makers and sellers of illicit brews in Murang’a, urging them to close their operations and engage in legitimate businesses.

Their statement comes in the wake of a rising death toll from bootleg liquor in neighboring Kirinyaga county, where at least 10 people have died and five have lost their eyesight after consuming suspected adulterated alcohol.

During a distribution of avocado seedlings in Ithiru, Kandara constituency, Maina emphasized the detrimental effects of alcoholism on society’s growth and development, urging all stakeholders to join the fight against illicit brews.

Maina expressed the community’s frustration over the loss of lives, particularly among the youth and elderly, and vowed to continue the battle against the deadly trade.

Senator Nyutu echoed Maina’s sentiments, calling for stricter enforcement by liquor licensing authorities to prevent harmful substances from entering the market.

Both leaders emphasized their commitment to Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s efforts in eradicating illicit brews in the Mt Kenya region, stressing the importance of stringent measures to combat the trade.

Kenya Revenue Authority chairperson Anthony Mwaura also weighed in, highlighting the economic consequences of illicit brews and urging authorities to crack down on dealers and collectors of bribes.

Additionally, Mwaura called on parents to prioritize education for their children, emphasizing its role as an equalizer and a pathway to seizing global opportunities. He urged parents to ensure their children attend school rather than engage in activities unrelated to their education.

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